Monday, July 30, 2012

That sunny funny face...

Today I got a sneak peak of our little boy...
At my last doctor appointment my measurements indicated that he was measuring more than three weeks ahead of his gestational time. It's normal for babies to measure a little ahead or behind, but if they ever measure over 2 weeks one way or the other doctors like to order 3D ultrasounds to check up on the baby. He has been measuring about 1-1/2 weeks ahead this whole pregnancy so I figured he was just a tall baby and wasn't too worried about today's ultrasound...mostly I was just anxious to see him because it's been months since I've seen that adorable sunny, funny face!

Well here he is:

(it's always a little hard to get a good picture of him because my placenta is in front of his face and he always, always has his hands on his face!!!)

But he looks just like his dad!!! Seriously look at the lips and's so Steve!

(this is Steve's hospital handsome!)

Best yet, the ultrasound showed that he is only measuring 4 days ahead of his gestational age, which is pretty much nothing. Apparently my belly measurements have been a bit deceiving because my placenta is positioned right in front of the baby (most women's are in the back) and my little boy is literally positioned all out in front of my body and not really in my regular body cavity at all. So as of right now, baby is about 5 pounds and around 18 inches! And my official guess for birth is that he will be 8 pounds 3 ounces and just over 21 inches (we'll see what actually happens in September). I'm just glad he isn't on track to be a 10 + pound baby or anything like that (I don't know how women push out babies that big!)

Other good ultrasound news is that: all of his organs and body parts look great, he is still a boy, and I got to see him yawn, rub his face, and practice breathing. I'm so in love!

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