Tuesday, July 3, 2012

29 and feel'n fine...ish...

So Monday I hit 29 weeks! There really isn't too much further to go now.
(how do you like that belly!?!?!?)

Last week I took a 1-hour glucose test to check for gestational diabetes and unfortunately my levels came back high enough that today I had to go back and do a 3-hour test (138 is the cut off and I was at 144). So what's a 3-hour glucose test you ask...

Well last night I was able to eat dinner as normal but from bedtime on I was fasting. This morning I was allowed a "sip" of water but had to continue the fast. Then I went into work at 7 am...and on to my doctor's appointment at 8 am (Oh, and Steve and I wake up at 4:45 am so by time 8 am rolled around I was so thirsty and hungry I couldn't believe it! Pregnant women shouldn't be asked to fast!!!). At 8:05 I had my blood drawn (the smame arm and place as last week!) and then chugged a orange flavored sugar drink. It was twice as surgery as the 1-hour test drink and wow did it taste it! The flavore itself isn't awful but the sugar made it so thick that it was hard to get down. I was then told I had to rise out my mouth with water (but not drink the water)...apparently the sugar drink is soooo sugary that if it stays in your mouth it will eventually make you throw up! Crazy right!?!?

Then the waiting came...I waited one hour (9 am) and then had my blood taken again
(same arm and place, ouch)
Then I waited another hour (10 am)...then had my blood taken
(same arm and place again)...
Then I waited another hour (11 am)...then had my blood taken for the last time
(this time I made her switch arms)

It was now 11:15 and I was finally done and allowed to eat!!! I had to have water and protein to off set all of the sugar. Other than that, I couldn't have sugar the rest of the day or fresh fruit (the fruit part made me sad). But yeah, now I wait for a phone call Thursday or Friday to let me know if I have gestational diabetes or if I can continue on this pregnancy road as normal.

Cross your fingers for me : )

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