Thursday, August 9, 2012

Caution...Bump Ahead

This one is all about the belly! I have been getting a lot of requests for pregnancy pictures and while I never did get around to doing something really cute for weekly photos, I did manage to get a couple good shots every other week of the ever growing belly...

14 weeks - I start the second trimester and finally tell work I'm pregnant!

16 weeks - filling out my regular clothes

18 weeks - finally really looking pregnant and not just pudgy

20 weeks - Maternity pants with regular tops

22 weeks - I found maternity skinny jeans...and feel like a  rock star!

24 weeks - getting to enjoy the cool pool as summer heats up

26 weeks - my sister and mom honor me on my first Mother's Day
(Kipp is waiting until next year)

28 weeks - the "bump" is now a full on belly as I enter the third trimester!!!

30 weeks - Mim gets me some better maternity clothes for my birthday

32 weeks - My first baby shower

34 weeks - the co-ed baby shower...I loved sharing this with Steve!

So that pretty much brings us up to date (or at least up to last weekend). I have enjoyed watching my belly grow over the last 8 months knowing that it signifies our little baby is growing as well. And over the last few weeks as I enter the home stretch I have had wonderful complements of "you look amazing" and "you've only gained weight in your lucky!"...but I have also been told things like, "for having two months to go, you're the biggest pregnant lady I've ever seen" I have resolved myself to just try to remember that although the rest of the world looks at me and sees a belly...what's most important is what's on the inside - our little boy!  


  1. I love all the belly pics! And yes, you do look amazing and so does baby Rett :)

  2. Thanks for posting this!!! So fun to see the progression! I realize looking at these that it must seem to you that you've been pregnant forever, but to me it has gone by so quickly! Love you, Steve, and that belly!