Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pregnancy and Nursery Update

Well good new everybody...
The results are in and I do not have gestational diabetes!!! Turns out I do digest sugars a little on the slow side, but the 3-hour test showed that I do digest and process them correctly and that I'm in the clear. So that is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and now I get to finish out these last 2 months without any more blood tests!

More good news is that Steve and I made some really good progress in the nursery this weekend. This is the design we are working on:

The colors being used...

There is no theme...but the color pallet was my take on men's Ralph Lauren Polo clothing...or a male version of Kate Spade designs.

Anyway, it all started about a month ago when Steve and I built the crib and put new hardware on an existing wardrobe and desk (that we will be using as a changing table). Then my friend Stacy and I painted the room a couple weeks ago (minty blue walls and warm gray ceiling). A week after that we had 5" white crown molding installed and the window trimmed out. Then Corey and Steve built an Ikea white media bench.

The Crib

The Crown and Window Molding

This weekend Steve and I installed horizontal beadboard in the closet (which will become the changing table station) and Steve installed a bench top spanning the entire window niche above the Ikea bench.

 The next step is to paint horizontal stripes of varying sizes in the accent colors Navy, Kelly Green, Turquoise, and Pale Yellow on the closet beadboard. Then we'll trim out all of the inside corners of the closet to finish up the beadboard paneling. Oh, and my mom is going to make us a window seat cover for a foam topper we are putting on the window bench. After that it all comes down to hanging some art, installing some lighting, a rug, and some decorative accessories. I am getting so excited to get everything all finished...hopefully we'll be able to do it soon.


  1. The pictures are great, but I would have to say it is even better in person! Love seeing Steve with the nail gun or staple gun or whatever that thing is! Good job little parents!

  2. Soooooo glad to hear about you not having gestational diabetes... I don't think you need to deal with anything else right now! The nursery is looking amazing, seriously I think you and Steve could go into a business designing and putting together people's nurseries... you're such good little nesters!