Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Mim!!!

This post is dedicated to my adorable, energetic, wonderful mom, aka Mim.

Monday was my Mim's birthday...and we had a blast! The family (minus our cali girl Myk...we missed you so much Mykers) met up at Z-Tejas for happy hour once everyone got off work. It was a great evening...and as you can see in the pictures below I think the birthday girl had a really good time!!!

The birthday girl

The birthday girl and her beau!

Kipp and Nickee

 And now the fun pictures...

Mim loving her mug...and loving her birthday pie

And we tried to pretend that both drinks and desserts were hers...but that was a lie
She was a good birthday girl and shared with the whole family

Oh and the picture Mim took of Steve and I at dinner didn't actually get taken I guess; it wasn't on my camera when I got home...but because I know Mykaela will ask, below is a picture of me from later that night...I was exactly 30 weeks pregnant!!! (and wearing a new top which was an early birthday present from my Mim)


  1. Thank you sweet daughter for your post minus that one horrendous picture! Haha, I think I owe you for that one! You however, look wonderful! And I am sorry if I messed up that picture that was supposed to be taken, but you know....with two of those drinks and two dessers.....
    Love you Lots!

  2. Hahaha I love those pictures of Mim... I'm sure she didn't get tipsy at all, but did she get a slight allergic reaction to them? And Sissy, you are so pregnant! I bet you are really throwing people off though because from the front you look so skinny and small, but from the side... there's baby!

  3. Hey, Hey now, where is the love? I think I maintained, didn't I Summer! And Mykaela is right, from the back and the front, no big deal, but from the side, you probably do alarm unsuspecting people just a little. Cutest little pregster ever!