Thursday, July 19, 2012

Exciting Times!

Ahhh, so much is going on right now...and it's all just amazing! Last weekend my sister came in town for my baby shower (the first of two! I'm so spoiled!!!). The shower was beautiful and I had so much fun. Plus I learned a lot about baby products and just how much I still need to learn before our little guy arrives. Mostly I just enjoyed being surrounded by my good friends, good food, and the female side of my wonderful family.

My hands plus the hands of all the soon to be Aunts: Nickee, Mykaela, and Anne

Me with my sisters....and Mim, Me, and Myk

Some of  the many girfts I recieved...yes, I am very blessed!

The Ahwatukee Group

Also over the weekend, Steve wrapped up the painting of the changing table station (the old closet) in the nursery. We sill need to hang the mobile in the right spot/ height and get the actual changing station set up...but at least the hard part is done now and we can move on to some other big projects in there! Stay tuned...

And now for the big, big sister-in-law Anne (Steve's sister) and her husband Jesse put an offer in on an amazing house just blocks from ours and it was excepted this week!!! If all goes to plan they will close in 30 days and move in over Labor Day weekend...just in time to get settled before we have our baby. I'm soooo excited I can't even explain it. Right now Anne and Jesse live up in north Scottsdale and it takes us 40-60 mins to get to their place (or more often, them get to our place). But soon they will be less than a 2 minute car ride away!!! (I originally wanted to say that it would be a 10 minute walk...but Steve said it's about 2 miles and pointed out we would probably never walk there) ...but either way, they will be super close! So now I have my brother and his fiance living 10 minutes away, my mom and dad living 15 minutes away, and Anne and Jesse living right down the street. All I'm missing is my little bird Mykers (my sister) but I guess I can get over the fact that she lives so far way because at least we will have the ocean and great weather every time we go to see her (and yes Myk, we will still come see you all the time once baby is born).

So yeah, those are the exciting things going on right now...
Well those and....
 * My second baby shower is in two weeks...
* Which Myk will be home for again (she is throwing the shower with my sister-in-law Anne and soon to be sister-in-law Nickee)
* Oh, and this time Myk comes home with the boyfriend that I haven't met yet!!! So excited to meet him
* And the cherry on the top is: I should deliver/meet my baby boy in less than 2 months (if he's not late) and I just know the time is going to fly!!!

Ahhh, it's all too much! I think I finally know how Jane from Pride and Prejudice felt when she said, "Can one die of happiness"


  1. Very well said, sweet daughter! I got excited and ready to conquer the world (or at least my little projects) just reading this! Wow, less than two're right, time is going to fly!

  2. hahaha I love how you know my exact thought process while reading your blog and you answer questions that I may be thinking and concerning myself with. I can't believe in only 2 months Rett will be here. Excited to come home for final baby shower and I'll start prepping the cove in Cali for baby trips :)

    PS. Very excited for Jesse and Anne, hope everything works out according to plan!