Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Tiny House Trend

There is a new trend in the design world...the tiny house. Some people use the concept of a tiny house as a way to capture some extra space on their lot away from their home. Some people, like Tumbleweed Houses get a little crazy with the tiny house and build it on a trailer frame so that is becomes a road worthy home away from home. And some people are even more extreme and make these ity bity spaces their primary home!

My obsession with the tiny house started when a coworker sent me an article about a Sandra Foster who turned a miniature "haunted house" sitting on the back of her property into a beautiful Victorian cottage. She made the house into a personal studio/ ultimate dream!!! And now that is all I think about; how to build a tiny house in my (tiny) backyard. Something tells me that my HOA (home owner's association) would never approve putting a pretty tall, tiny house in my yard so for now I just dream about it and all of the possibilities, styles, and designs I could incorporate into my very own tiny house. 

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