Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Seeing Double

I have always had a desire to design a guest room, child's room, any room really...that I could put two twin beds in. Normally I'm not real big on symmetry but there is just something about two identical beds side by side with a night stand in between that I just can't resist. As I don't have a guest room large enough, and don't have any children (yet), it looks like there is only one room left - The Master!!!

What?!?!? If it was good enough for couples like Ricky and Lucy (I Love Lucy) and Samantha and Darren (Bewitched) then what complaints could my husband have right? (Yes I know those are fictional characters from the 50's) Okay, I'm not serious. I would never put twin beds in the master bed room...So for now I will just have to be patient and wait for a day when I have a guest room big enough to create my dream. Until then take a look at these amazing spaces with double the design pleasure - double the design fun.


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