Monday, September 10, 2012

Making Room for Baby!

Well we are officially 1 week out from our due date! Better yet, I think we finally have the house ready for our little guy's arrival (or as ready as first time parents who have no idea what they are doing can be!) So here we go...the tour of our baby-fied house:

First, the family room nursery corner
We know we will be spending a lot of time downsatirs and won't want to run upstairs to the nursery every time we need to change a diaper, feed, burp, or care for we dedicated a corner of the family room to all these tasks.

The baby corner with side table storage 

The "play yard" complete with changing table and bassinet for a new born

Baskets hold burp cloths, blankets, diapers, wipes, and toys

Next up...The Guest Bath:
This is where we'll clean up our little guy and hopefully he'll enjoy lots of fun baths 

It doesn't look too different from before...

But the new black baskets hold all of the baby bath products, towels, and toys!

And behind the curtain hides this fun little tub

Next Room...The Dog Room:
Okay, that sounds weird...but yes, even Wes and Ash got into making room for baby and gave up half of their storage rack to Rett. Eventually the "dog room" will become a play room for both the pups and kids so this is just stage one of several! 

On top we've got the sitting and feeding chair

And below is a shelf packed full of extra diapers, wipes, diaper pail refills, and future feeding/eating stuff that we won't need for a few months

And now my favorite...The Nursery:
First, I have to say a major thank you to my amazing husband Steve for all of his hard work making this room happen...he did sooooo much work and made all of my nursery dreams come true! Then I have to say another huge thank you to Stacy for helping me paint the room and ceiling (that was one intense day! But it was a blast!!!) and my Mim for making the window bench cushion, paper banner, and paper window garland (she is magical with paper!). So here it is:

The details:

All the soft and snugly blankets

Wood bird and branch mobile in front of our striped bead board feature wall

Our picture wall which is a mix of colored nursery rhyme prints from my favorite nursery book and black and white family baby photos (now we'll know who's nose and eyes Rett has)

All of the clothes are in the armoire (and no I didn't not buy them so don't think that I made them match the room on purpose...that was just a happy coincidence!)

A vintage school chair holding the stuffed bunny Steve gave me over 10 years ago! 
(He's not quite velveteen...but I'm thinking Rett will love him all the same)

I'm also hoping he loves the collection of The Little Prince books we have for him
(We'll start with the pop up book and work our way to the original french book)

The paper banner - this was made by Mim for our co-ed baby shower and now it adorns the crib 

Mim also made these paper garlands for the baby shower and now they make the perfect window swag!

This is the nursing area...a rocking chair just like my mom had when I was a baby, a little end table, wall sconce, and a long cushy window bench...this area is going to get used a lot!!! 

The metal "R" was from the sign of the first design job I had! When the company changed their name another designer and I did a little dumpster diving and took the letters of our last names. (She actually got to use hers in her wedding and now I get to use mine in Rett's nursery!) 

These little buckets I got from Ikea. The metal one will hold dirty laundry and the yellow one holds extra stuffed animals and toys that didn't fit in the bench drawers

This detail is more about function then beauty. For most people scorpions are just a part of living in the east valley...and Gilbert has actually proven to have more scorpions than early Ahwatukee did (were I grew up). When my sister was a baby we found a scorpion in her crib with her!!! And while it didn't sting her the scare of that possibility stuck with me always. We have actually had a few scorpions upstairs near the nursery the last few months so we're not taking any risks! The moment I put sheets on the crib I also put glass jars on the feet. Scorpions can't climb the glass so these little jars will give us the peace of mind that our little guy's bed will be pest free!!! 

And now some pictures of me enjoying the room (although please note that we had literally just finished the room when Steve took these so I was hot, gross, and not looking too good...even for a 39 week pregnant lady!)

I do love this belly picture! Good job Steve!!!

So there it is...a ready house and a ready we just need to get these last few days over with so we can really welcome our baby home! 


  1. Ahhh great post, everything looks so amazing and I can't believe you got it all finished! I don't know how it's possible, but this made me even more excited!

  2. The nursery looks amazing! I think this is one lucky little guy.... You both will make such loving parents! Good job, Steve on all the picture hanging! Of all the things you did, I think that looks the most tedious!!! And Stacey! What a great friend to help you get everything started! That mint colored paint got everyone fired up! And you, sweet little mama, you have the best ideas on how to make a space so fresh and inviting! So proud of all of all of you and sooooo excited to hold our little guy!!