Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good News, Bad News

Which do you want first...the good news or the bad news?

Good news: Our best friend Corey has been working as a pilot instructor training Vietnamese students out in Mesa. While he liked having a job, flying, and making money...he really didn't like training, especially students with language barriers. So last week he missed our California trip to go one some job interviews, and last night he broke the news...He got a job as a commercial pilot! (19 passenger prop planes)

And that lead us to the bad news: He leaves next Saturday for Wyoming where he will be training for 4-8 weeks. And half way through training he will find out where his actual job will be. Oh yeah and the closet he will end up is Prescott or Denver!

So there you have it. I'm pumped Corey got a job doing what he wants...but I'm crush he will be leaving (especially so soon!)

Pilot Corey


  1. Congratulations to him! At least Prescott is close and Denver is a blast. It is just a plane ride away (and he could pilot that plane for you, too!)

  2. Good for Corey, but how sad! I wish we could all do one last burger club before he leaves.

  3. I am so happy Corey's dream came true!! Good luck on your new adventure!!