Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Everett - Photo Post

I have a few posts in the works about Everett's birth, his name, and our first week at home...but let's face it, no one wants to read paragraph after paragraph right now (especially while I have new mother fuzzy brain - yes that's the technical term) what follows are some of the pictures from that special day. (I'll get back to the wordy posts that go along with these soon)

Me in the early stage of labor after the epidural and before the complications (more on those later)

Steve got this shot right after Everett was born - we were both happy and surprised that he didn't have any of the normal new born baby alien look...this is him pre wipe-down...he literally came out this clean!!!

The big guy being held up next to his stats - born at 1:45 am, 7 pounds 14 ounces, 20.5 inches 

Everett getting checkout and cleaned up - and yes he is almost always this peaceful! 

Me and my baby!

Our first family photo

Rett's eyes opening and looking at me!!!

Can you tell how happy we are to finally be parents and have our little guy in our arms

Steve soothing Rett in the NICU after he got his IV and shots 

My two men

Steve - the best dad ever! Also I think this is the only time Steve has been this awake at 3am!

A little later in the morning after we got a tiny bit of sleep, my mom and Myk came to visit

Everett getting love from his aunt 

Mim (Grandma), Me, Steve, Rett, and Mykaela (Aunt) 

The new grandma getting lots of baby love!

Rett sound asleep, making his baby-bird face

I love his little noise, big heart lips, long lean fingers, squishy cheeks...

It's hard to see here...but Rett got a direct "gene dump" and was born with my "special" pinkies! Steve and I joked about this during my pregnancy but we never though it would happen!!!

Everett Stephen Patton Cowley


  1. I'm so glad that we were all little paparazzi's that day... got some really great pictures. I can't wait for you to write about that day, I would love to hear it all from your (the new mom) perspective. Love you!

  2. Love all your photos and I agree with Mykaela, I want to hear everything from your perspective! What an amazing, albeit, trying and drama filled event! Rett makes it all worth while though! I have never seen such sweetness! (oh, except of course, you three kids).